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Quạt phản lực JF200

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Air Jet Fan - JF200

- The power source is compressed air. (4㎏ / ㎠)                           - It is safe because there is no rotating body.
- No risk of explosion by sparks.                                                    - No need for maintenance.
- Easy to move

Purpose to Use
- Discharging harmful gas etc.                          - Supplying fresh air
- Supplying fresh air                                          - Ventilation in airtight area (Coal Mine, Subway, Ship, Manhole etc.)
- It can be used instead of electric fans.            - In welding, painting, heat treatment, iron areas and foundry, shipbuilder

Quạt phản lực JF200 Quạt phản lực JF200

Quạt phản lực JF200 Quạt phản lực JF200

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Quạt phản lực JF200

Quạt phản lực JF200

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